the book




my new book is an unholy mix of misery memoir, polemic, armchair philosophy, amateur psychoanalysis, musings about cricket, the passage of time, religion, drugs, the problem of the self, of the body and illness, of language/s, of translation, letters to people you don't know, diary entries, minimalist pseudo-poems about nature, quotes from a TV operating manual, accounts of less than satisfactory interactions with artificial intelligence, and ... it's a book about reading and writers and writing.

so. it won't be everyone's cup of tea, and quite possibly not anyone's cup of tea, but this is the book that's in me and it needs to come out. what can i do? the publisher of my first book won't want to publish it and nor will any other publisher trying not to go bust, but i can publish it online — each page as i write it virtually in real time — a bit like a feuilleton (not a feuilletine which is a crispy french connection confection made from crêpes).

but if you want to find out if it's your cup of tea, or not, the three dots at the bottom of the page are your friend.

and : i'd love to know what you think, how it makes you feel, if it makes you laugh or it makes you cry, whether you want to keep reading, or if it makes you want to go to sleep — or if it makes you want to repeatedly snap industrial rubber bands hard on your inner thighs until you lose control of your bladder. please tell me.


ps it's designed to be read a computer screen rather than a smaller device.