i slept well enough but i wish i could manifest the energy and the desire for a walk and/or i wish i could unmanifest this fatigue, backpain and headache, maybe then the energy and desire for a walk would manifest all by itself. or maybe i need to pay someone to be my manifestation coach? ha ha omg.

of course what the tiktokkers are doing is no different to praying except they are praying to the universe’ instead of god’. their method’ is remarkably similar to a prayer the christians called a novena, where they pray on nine consecutive days for two impossible things and one possible thing and, putting on a high frequency sound on YouTube the whole time you’re asleep is sort of like a 21st century equivalent of lighting a candle, but it’s bad for the planet since it uses way more bandwidth and energy. but maybe they can manifest a new planet when this one is dead.

October 3, 2021 at 8:12am