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Some days you wake up having slept, what is for you, in your rapidly ageing state, exceptionally well — although in this case you could have done with fewer dreams about half naked men whom you were expected to embrace i.e. none, but if you are prepared to think about where such a dream could come from you might be reminded of the time when you were 9½ or 10 and you and another skinny blonde boy from your class had to go with the headmaster in the early morning before school to the swimming pool where he would personally teach you to swim using a new modern method he learned in Amerika which involved lots of physical contact between the teacher and the young person, the theory being that it would alleviate their fear of the water. Apparently. So when you were afraid and/or cold because the pool was unheated and very deep and you couldn't swim, and once when you had fallen into the water and you sank like a stone and swallowed a whole bunch of water and nearly died, you would be instructed by the teacher to press your hairless skinny shivering young boy body against his warm hairy flesh.

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