![[saggitarius-a]] *** ... and this is about [[blue valentine]]. ... and this is an article from the grauniad about [living in a community](https://readwise.io/reader/shared/01hkc3xkmsx7k8n9rvjbqggmw8) (not a commune). ... and [this](https://www.volkskrant.nl/volkskrant-magazine/herman-koch-wilde-deze-kop-zo-lang-mogelijk-vermijden-herman-koch-ongeneeslijk-ziek~b40f38f5/) is an interview with an interesting person who has terminal cancer and what he thinks about it — but it is in dutch. *** **... and [[pages/001-081605|this]] is how the second volume of the everythingness of everything begins.** *** ... and if you see her say [email protected]