Esther Brunstein who survived the Lodz ghetto, Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, wrote : ”Looking out of the window I could see German soldiers being made to clear the mountain of corpses - the fruit of their labour.
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“Ik snap dat u op zoek bent gegaan naar alternatieve zingeving.
Als ik nu een banaan wil, heb ik in tien minuten een banaan.
meanwhile on the edge of the sahara farmers are feeding their goats cardboard but now let’s interview some adele fans about her new single and, what a surprise!
A bwbach (or boobach, plural bwbachod) is a Welsh domestic hobgoblin that will perform household chores in return for bowls of cream.
Waar is de mannelijke blik?
Meanwhile in Perth (WA) : What team do you support?
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The Times’s agony aunt’s advice to someone who wrote in complaining that their Spanish boyfriend “always reverts to his mother tongue when we get intimate” is hilarious.
het ene zeggen en het andere doen
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i want to say something without saying it
“I have held every human I’ve ever met upside down by the ankles, and shaken every last detail that I can steal out of their pockets.
if forty percent of depressed people feel better after taking a placebo (vs sixty percent from ‘the real thing’) wouldn’t you give everyone a placebo first and then ‘the real thing’ only if they don’t?
we are golden hints
Clara clicked on ‘Send’ and closed her laptop.
this interview from 2015 with the amazing hanneke groenteman.
serenity now
another day another marina abramovic hagiography as part of her campaign to have more documentaries made about her than her arch rival britney spears.
and since doubting is also thinking,
i slept well enough but i wish i could manifest the energy and the desire for a walk and/or i wish i could unmanifest this fatigue, backpain and headache, maybe then the energy and desire for a walk would manifest all by itself.
there is no me, i do not exist.
shaun ryder is now a national treasure
may i disappear in order that those things that i see, become perfect in their beauty from the very fact that they are no longer things that i see.
the way not to have a bad trip is to not think that you’re going to have a bad trip so i’m not sure if reading an article called ‘how to have a safe psychedelic trip’ (“A psychedelic experience can be deeply rewarding, but also carries real risks.
i dreamed i was dead.
“a fraud is being perpetrated: writing is not work, it’s doing nothing,” jenny diski wrote in 1992, but then again, “it’s not a fraud: doing nothing is what i have to do to live.


i’ve never kept sheep
not before time — and now the rest of the continent.
zin in het alledaagse
niet zozeer de geur van regen, de geur van verlichting, verademing : mitti attar.
freedom, love, connectedness
oops mercury is now retrograde for three weeks — does that mean it is or isn’t a good time to buy an old secondhand car?
it used to be the custom in brabant in the south of the netherlands and vlaanderen in the north of belgium, to make an offering of sausage to a saint called clara in order to safeguard the harvest and ask for good weather.
When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it.
the dead have cheated death, cioran wrote, ha ha very droll.
Thoughts themselves are the thinkers.
nothing is not nothing
i am here 2021 reprint
MUBI is showing Duelle (une quarantaine) the movie Jacques Rivette made after Celine and Julie Go Boating in 1976, also with the amazing Juliet Berto.
in the early eighties, if you were a painter, and you happened to be sigmar polke, and you happened to be mates with rudi fuchs who was the director of the van abbe museum in eindhoven at that time, you could ring him up and say: i have to go to australia because i need to discover some new colours.
an equinox is not the same as an equilux.
greetings from zaltbommel.
Walking Steadiness is a first-of-its-kind health metric that can give you insight into your risk of falling.
ik ben een kabouter
Wat Virginia Woolf ons leert over de heilzame effecten van ziek zijn.
my destination, as it turns out, was old age, unlike my father’s.
The Legend of the Wooden Shoe
ok and so now i don’t want a simple croissant, i want a saint joseph.
in the late spring and early in northern europe’s summer, when the days are more than 16 hours long, waking up at 6am is a fine thing — but in late summer, because the Powers That Be fuck with the clocks, it’s too early dammit especially since you can’t get to sleep until at least 11 or, more than likely, you will hear the bells sound 12 times.
She’s lost control again
Rudolf Schwarzkogler
this must be a wolf interval.
Maxim Februari in NRC
Not only did she not believe in god, Clara didn’t believe in destiny either — but she believed in destinations, not the kind you dream of and read about in Lonely Planet guides and put on your bucket list but a destination that comes to you, and as it comes closer and closer, begins to seep into you and the idea that this is your destination gradually grows and becomes real until it arrives and then you know that this is it and this was your destination.
slapen met somnox de slaaprobot
ok ok stop crying now about a dead cat in a different hemisphere who didn’t even know who i was anymore last time she saw me and hid under the table, says the superego.
old hippies never die.
did someone say ‘george bush’??!
this magnificent pumpkin will be magnificent pumpkin soup soon
meanwhile in texas, that most liberal of the united states, someone is still alive because prison authorities won’t allow his spiritual adviser to lay hands on him as the death penalty is being carried out.
so my (um…) friend has a novel coming out with semiotext(e) autumn 2023.
omg she is as cool as a cucumber.
Hoop is het laatste handvat van het ego
the new education minister of afghanistan has never been to school.
Huddersfield Christmas Day 1977 — The band performed a short set and then there was a disco at which children joined Sid Vicious to dance to Boney M’s Daddy Cool and Baccara’s Yes Sir, I Can Boogie.
i washed my quilt and sheets and dried them in the sun and the wind — and at the end of the day i put them straight back on the bed.
Spanish bishop falls in love with erotic-satanic fiction writer and resigns | The Times
revelation (by xkcd)
forget rhizomes
Neurath, Germany (Dan Wilton)
this looks like fun — Index, A History of the by Dennis Duncan | Review | The Guardian
what to do with it?
RiP jean-paul belmondo
In 1952 Alan Turing was prosecuted for homosexual acts when “gross indecency” was still a crime in the UK.
An angel by the Dalziel Brothers (19th century engraving)
“Ik leef”, fluisterde hij, “ik adem. En ik beweeg. Ik adem, ik beweeg, dus ik leef. Wat kan er nog gebeuren? Er kunnen rampen komen, pijnen, verschrikkingen. Maar ik leef. Ik kan opgesloten zijn, of door gruwelijke ziekten worden bezocht. Maar steeds adem ik, en beweeg ik. En ik leef.”
omg jemima kirke from girls is the daughter of simon kirke, the drummer from free.
carry me
A mural of Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny being covered up
Met Marieke Lucas Rijneveld op zoek naar troost
Our current fascination with psychedelics and mental exploration has a longer history than we recognize.
Oh My Fucking God, Get the Fucking Vaccine Already, You Fucking Fucks
there was a dream in which i bumped my head, hard — and i should have seen the thing i bumped my head on.
the tree (2010)❊
het schijnt dat de term ‘iemand een poets bakken’ niet bekend is bij de jeugd van tegenwoordig, tenminste niet de jeugd in wat tegenwoordig mijn huidige omgeving is.
a matter of course
how to make millions writing songs about the bleedin’ obvious
fun with robots : toen ze mijn naam eindelijk goed uitsprak vroeg ze me direct hoe groot ik geschapen was.
a headless george harrison plays the ukulele and whistles a tune
The love for cats


Ook als we even doen alsof de wereld niet bestaat, bestaat ze toch.
finally, after a long day out of sorts, my mood turns — not long before bed time.
Er zijn weinig schrijvers die het gegeven is zo sprankelend en nieuw over grootse kwesties te schrijven zonder dat het vaag of weeïg of juist drammerig wordt.
two interviews with sally rooney
A Spell For Not Dying Again In The Realm Of The Dead
maybe he is busy becoming a sokushinbutsu
wtf heeft dit nou met brabantse worstenbroodjes to maken?
RIP Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
Friday October 6 1962
wow — putting text, images, links and more online could not be any easier than it is with dropbox and blot and the support is a dream come true.
On Foucault’s apparatus — Daniel Tutt
on the meaning of a dilemma
de goochelaar
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a train-scent, alas, is not the comforting smell of old trains but a scent made with an object dragged along the ground for hounds to follow.